My mother’s conversion-Part I

              My mother was the first one to become a believer in our home. My mother was brought up in a wealthy and well-known family in the state of Punjab in India. Her father believed in raising strong girls and so, did what he could in his power to outwardly apply his progressive mentality of parenting to the reality of his family. Despite his willingness to think outside the misogynist milieu at that time, he abrupted arranged a marriage for my mother at the tender age of 18. My parents experienced a rocky marriage from the start with varying expectations of marriage life and unfortunately, my father did not espouse the same outlook of valuing my mother as did my grandfather. My father quickly brought my mother to Canada during the 70s, a time where being a turbaned Sikh was highly visible. My father was an engineer by profession, and he had to face much resistance to get settled into his profession being a visible minority in Canada. Due to this, he had to take much difficult jobs in undesirable cities that forced him to face the wrath of frigid cold Canadian weather. Eventually, my father decided to embark on his journey to self- employment and became a real estate broker. He began to climb the ladder to success; at one point reaching a pinnacle of being amongst the top three agents in the entire country. After years of success, my parents lost most of their wealth in a real estate market crash in the late 90s. As a result, my mother was well acquainted with instability in more ways than one. My mother prayed a lot and encouraged us to pray daily; evening times were reserved for time to pray out of our prayer books together. My mother struggled with depression on and off and at times, she would let us eat our dinner alone as she sought God in her solitude fervently pleading for answers yet to no avail. Eventually, my mother met a Sikh woman who was a believer in Toronto, and she invited her over for a prayer meeting. My mother went and became baptized with the holy spirit very quickly; her conversion was quick and seamless. She felt the love of God holding her through tumultuous times which helped sustain her faith for the troubling times ahead. She felt full of ecstasy and newfound joy as she began to have new revelations.

I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who call you by your name. -Isaiah 45:3 (ESV)

This conversion of an outspoken woman bold for her newfound faith created much protest from both sides of our families. Despite the increasing friction, my mother’s confession for her faith became louder with time. Although this conversion seemed to add fuel to the fire of existing familial conflict, my mother was not frayed. She became more steadfast, jovial and even appeared nonchalant at the daggers of words carrying condemnation hurled from every direction. Her demure nature coupled with her quest for truth managed to keep her safe in many situations. Her beauty has always been evident on the outside and as her faith grew; her soul seemed to spark to life in unexpected ways. I began to see changes in her I had not seen in a long time. Previous to her conversion, she had suffered years of verbal, emotional, psychological attacks which caused her to lose the sparkle of her personality. After her conversion, the fullness of the love of God began to fill in the empty, broken and abandoned places.

But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ-Eph 2:4-5a

Hope began to reside inside of her which made her blossom slowly into a radiant woman exuding a newfound beauty. Her transformation and understanding of authority in Christ led her to pray and intercede for many people she met along the way; she saw instant miracles and healings and salvations as well. She has grown in her faith and continues to grow in the mystery of boundless and limitless grace, each day and moment by moment.

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Grace is greater: A book review

Grace is greater: A book review

Grace is a glorious mystery interwoven in the intricate details of our lives. Kyle idleman takes the reader on a delightfully inspiring journey of growing in grace in a thought-provoking manner. He does this is a friendly, conversational style that is easy to comprehend.

The words and parables themselves infuse with grace, including his real-life examples, are incredibly compelling, so that grace seeps from the very seams of the book.

Each word is crafted to engage the reader and challenge the reader to allow grace to chisel off our hard edges as grace washes off the dust of life.

My favorite aspect of this book is how the beauty of reconciliation is woven seamlessly throughout the book to reveal that truly redemptive facet of grace.

Indeed, grace has the last say if we choose to receive grace with the posture of an open heart.

“Grace is only grace if goes both ways. Receiving it from God but refusing to give it to others isn’t an option. #kyleidleman #graceisgreater. Click To Tweet

“When forgiveness results in reconciliation, it most accurately reflects God’s grace and forgiveness toward us.”

This book addresses pertinent topics that grace can readily heal, such as shame, guilt, regret, and the emptiness of the human condition. In the author’s words, “God’s grace can redeem anything.”

I highly recommend this book as I feel it will challenge you to redesign your life with a fresh openness to experience grace in practical ways.

Grace will surprise you as you allow grace to affirm, strength, and fill the empty spaces of weakness in your life.

You will enjoy Kyle’s transparent and relatable approach to telling this narrative of living in the freedom that is only possible with the gift of grace.

May this book give you a new grace lens as you view your world from a perspective of wholeness that the Father desires for each one of us.

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The light of eternity

In the light of eternity

The light of eternity falls upon my dusty soul

As my eyes awaken to the beauty of luminosity I struggle to adjust to a newfound reality

The ethereal glow warms my cold heart

The beams of love penetrate my being

I transcend above the residual films of the past;

To enter in the narrow space of grace

In the light of eternity, my soul basks in the radiance that morphs my

simplicity into a numinous transformation.

This stillness allows me to breathe deeply

exhaling the dross of days past

For in the light of eternity

Time is held in your hand

When the distance created angst,

Your proximity entered my empty space

Until all space is filled with grace

I am held enamored in our intimate embrace.

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Sparks of my heart

The sparks of my heart

Sparks fly in all directions from my heart

When I heart your voice whisper truth

Sparks light up the sky

When I see your eyes ablaze with a fiery tenderness

Sparks tell tales of a heart that is still running on the fuel of hope

When you let my name linger and facades fade

Sparks fly from the wounds of my heart

When love waters parched souls in a brilliant luminescence for all to see the beauty of a union decorating the sky with the sparks of our hearts

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The blessings of betrayal

The blessings of betrayal

Psalm 71:19-21 New Living Translation (NLT)

Your righteousness, O God, reaches to the highest heavens. You have done such wonderful things. Who can compare with you, O God? 20 You have allowed me to suffer much hardship, but you will restore me to life again and lift me up from the depths of the earth. 21 You will restore me to even greater honor and comfort me once again.

Betrayal is an inevitable reality that strikes each one of us. A reality that no one particularly desires yet we all have succumbed to the wounds left by someone we loved dearly who betrayed our delicate hearts. Perhaps, you have faced a betrayal by a close friend or co-worker unexpectedly leaving you baffled battling the temptation to build high walls around your heart to keep out further pain. So than, being a reality that is so pervasive and unavoidable how do we process betrayal?

Jesus was highly acquainted with betrayal.  When faced with the hard pressed reality of loyalty, Judas and Peter both betrayed and denied him in a flash of an instant without hesitation. These imprints of betrayal must have pierced the tender heart of the Lord, helping him fully feel the wounds that many of his children had yet to face in the generations to come. In these two cases, the outcomes for these individuals were very different. Peter repented with godly sorrow at his lack of loyalty decreeing his weakness was a need for grace whereas Judas internalized his wounds to the point he was devastated beyond hope. For Judas, his hopelessness turned into powerlessness because he more fixated on his lack rather than the tenderness of Jesus. Judas was a clear example of  wordly sorry and scripture states that wordly sorrow leads to death. In his case, it was a literal death. For others, this death can be a death of dreams, hopes, relationships and complacency to a living a mediocre life. When we choose wisely to cry out to the Lord and bring our brokenness before Him, He can transform the grief of our bitterness into healed souls that emanate power and strength. Such transformation is only possible when we allow our hearts to be yielded to the holy spirit, resulting in the newness of life.

Betrayal brings to light an unseen reality that is not particularly pleasant yet all is not lost. There is hope in the suffering that comes when our hearts bleed from our encountering betrayal. Jesus faced betrayal and allowed the fullness of grace to be the healer of hearts allowing reconciliation between Him and Peter. Grace was so powerful that Peter went on to have a mighty ministry and spread the message of the love of the Father fearlessly. Love is greater than betrayal and although we may face relationships that may never seem the sparkle of divine reconciliation, our hearts can be fully whole. Wholeness will enrich our relationships allowing us to thrive with faith, hope and love for all of our days. So perhaps, betrayal is a blessing if it shows us the nature of our hearts and it is an impetus to receive and carry grace so when others threaten our fragile hearts, grace spills out to water a thirsty dry world.

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Silent voices

Dedicated to silent ones whose voices have been stifled by the shame and honor cultures

Those who cannot speak will sing for joy~Isaiah 35:6

I felt the words begin to form in my heart and mind never to be released into an unforgiving world

There was no one to hear my unformed words, words didn’t fall and the stories remained untold

There was no hand that reached out to comfort my unspoken pain; burdens weighing heavily from verbal suffocation

A world where truth was not welcome and fractured hearts remained shut by jagged opinions like sealed vaults

Except it was not grace that held these hearts; rather hearts seemed to beat with a cold dullness from shame

Years of silence and guilt shut the doors to hearts that once held dreams; dreams that yearned to come to life

Silent voices speak yet are never heard, who can hear them except for the One who created them?

Who can comfort except the One who offers the embrace of grace?

Who can bring dull hearts back to life to beat again with vitality except for the One who crafter of hearts?

Silent voices are not the absent of sounds and strings of words but the tangled voices of the innocents crying out for a life where freedom is the song that is sung for all to hear.

For only the key of grace can unlock chained hearts to unleash the freedom song that all the silent voices yearn to sing to join in the symphony of the Beloved. Click To Tweet

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Truth plus Love by Matt brown review

This book is a timely reminder to the body of Christ. I like how the book emphasizes what maturity in Christ looks like, it is truth plus love. If we fail to operate out of one, than it is a loss.

If we operate out of both, than we can see and bring heaven to earth. This book will engage you, provoke you and challenge you to reflect the character of Christ in your witness.

A must read for those with an earnest desire to promote unity and grace while witnessing to people from all walks of life.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary chapter of this title from its publisher in exchange for my review. I did not receive any compensation from the author for this review.


The struggle is real: but so is God review

struggle is real bible study

During a time I felt the tumultuous waves of doubt crashing against my faith, I came across and had the opportunity to be involved in the book launch of this beloved bible study.

The Word of God will transform us if we know how to rightly divide the Word and apply heavenly wisdom to our daily lives. The interactive bible study will help you engage with the Word in a fresh way giving you new revelations as we you delve into the Word, receive truths in a practical way. I feel like the format of this study is so unique. It reflects the heart of the God since God wants to engage us in a dialogue as we grow in communion with Him.

 This study helped me read the Word more and receive revelatory pieces of wisdom that have equipped me to walk in the fullness of freedom that Christ has for me . Click To Tweet

Each daily study includes prayer, declarations and reflections that will help you grow into a more restful version of yourself. This study helped me to reflect deeper on God’s truth and the reality of His promises to my life.

We all do have daily struggles as implied so succinctly by the title yet God is real. We do have to invite Him, so we can see and process the struggles from a different perspective. One that allows for transformation through faith, hope and love.

I highly recommend this study as a gift for yourself and for small groups as well as for anyone who needs to bolster their faith in a fresh way.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this title from its publisher in exchange for my review. I did not receive any compensation from the author.



The Tenderness of Jesus

Some months ago, I was sitting in my office and I heard an audible word from the Lord. At first, I felt as if I must be mistaken. It was a peaceful word but one that I felt I already possessed in my arsenal of traits. Tenderness. A calm word with quiet confidence that didn’t need any form of validation. My brow wrinkled in slight confusion. Surely, the Lord could not be drawing me into being more tender? I sighed. Was it not my tender side that caused me to love vulnerably and hurt deeply until I was left with residual aches and unanswered ruminations? And then the word, came again.
“Tenderness, child”.
Firmly yet fully loving encompassing a deeper sense of purpose and a call to stretch my heart once again. I sighed again and began a slow surrender to a place of silent acceptance. Perhaps, I could use a little bit more of tenderness. I mean, couldn’t everyone? We don’t exactly live in a soft world, I managed to muster to myself. Nonetheless, my heart began to soften beneath the gentle beckon to a deeper love. The mystery and the thirst for more was a process I was willing to slowly process.
Tenderness is a language that provokes a person to allow their soul to be nurtured to life. Tenderness allows the safe space for dialogue yet movement simultaneously. Tenderness removes the erected

monochrome photo of couple holding hands
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walls and self-protective boundaries that arose from the unfinished love stories and unrequited love. Ultimately, tenderness is the currency for the heart to awaken to love.
Deep down in my heart, I knew my heart needed this reminder. This gentle nudge towards greater connection was coaxing my heart to be warm. Tenderness is the song that will make the eyes dance again with wonder and awaken to awe.

If tenderness has the capacity to enlarge the heart, it has the ability to heal the heart as well. Click To Tweet

So, the next time someone says, love me tender, respond in the affirmative with the intention of fully doing so.


Untainted Love

Untainted Love: Rekindling dwindled relationships
Have you ever exhausted your soul looking for ways to rekindle a relationship that never seemed to work? Years and years went by with various restorative tactics applied with little connective vitality to show for it. At what point do you give up on someone that you love deeply and does real love even give up at all?
Nothing tenderizes and softens a heart like true love. The hardness of the heart seems to melt away under the fiery flame of love that refuses to be extinguished.
I like how Song of Solomon 8:7 captures this emphatically:
The fire of love stops at nothing—
it sweeps everything before it.
Flood waters can’t drown love,
torrents of rain can’t put it out. (The Message)
In a world of where relationships are conditional and instantly gratifying, how does one become determined to walk in untainted love? I believe the answer lies in allowing ourselves first to return to our first Love, our divine love with the Lord. Treating this relationship as first and foremost is the key and basis to loving people unconditionally including those with which our relationships are dwindling. The example of divine love will coax our souls to drink from the faucet of freedom that true love releases. This love will wash away the dust of half hearted love and will ignite the flame of fierce passion. Each act of love and word of love is a seed sown into a person’s soul that may blossom at any point in time sparked by a revelation of love. Giving yourself away in love will awaken another soul to what love looks like; an invitation to enter into a tender union where interaction leads to a delightful exchange of intimacy.
So than, if oxygen is an element for the physical body to function than love must be the element needed for the soul to function the way it was created.

Love will allow the soul to awaken from a shallow slumber to a reality of vitality. Click To Tweet

A life colored with love will paint new visions and orchestrate a new rhythm of grace so that each person can intimately be who they are whilst celebrating the other in this dance of life.

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