Enigma of grace

I heard a voice beckon me to explore the enigma of grace. In a world where bigger is better, standing alone isn’t the norm. Yet, where there is solitude, there is space to inhale grace and let its intimate aroma infuse your soul. Click To Tweet

Valiantly taking your stance is courageous, for creating a legacy takes sacrifice and substance. Through grace, the rugged terrain of my heart has become adorned with the wildflowers of surrender and miraculous manifestation.

Hope watered the barren places, creating an apothecary of healing waters. In the winding roads of my heart, the allure of a mysterious victory exists where tragedy becomes a triumph. For amidst the struggle, a curious abundance remains.

Grace isn’t a mirage but as near as my next breath, declaring its reassuring presence with the rise and fall of my chest. Even in the valley of trouble, a door can open where hope is the key to the enigma of grace. Click To Tweet

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Shame and racism

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining author and speaker, Denise Dubois Pass on the black and white podcast, for a candid conversation on shame and racism, you can listen to our discussion here.

Listen in as they discuss racism across different cultures in both biblical times and the present and share ways we see shame operating in our culture.

We discuss the parable of the Samaritan and reflect on how Christ desires to heal the shame of racism.


As believers in Christ, we can choose to validate a person's experience with racism with grace and empathy. Click To Tweet

Racism brings shame while grace is intentional about restoring identity.

Ignorance and racism are not the same issues. Education and awareness can help heal racism because as we adopt a grace filled mindset, grace empower us to grow and think in a new way.


Light like a lily pad

As I look at this picture I took years ago, I reflect on the loveliness of intricate design.

The lifespan of these beauties depends upon water levels and the strength of each plants’ root system.

To thrive like lily pads, our root system matters too.

We need to be deeply rooted in healthy relationships and the grace of God to withstand the harsh winds of life.

Buoyancy is the tendency to float in water and as we dip our souls in mercy, grace ignites a renewed sense of lightness where hope becomes the anchor of our souls. Click To Tweet

Be rooted and grounded in love. -Ephesians 3:17

May your heart and soul feel the light of compassion today and may grace renew the countenance of your being. Click To Tweet

The Way Home by Tessa Afshar

The Way Home Bible study: God’s invitation to New Beginnings by Tessa Afshar

Tessa Afshar’s new study, The Way Home is based on the book of Ruth. This six week study brings the book to life in a revelatory way, weaving the cultural backdrop and highlighting the spiritual progress of each character. You will come to adore and understand the familiar actors as you navigate their struggles and victories.

Naomi and Ruth experience a profound sense of hopelessness that comes from deep loss. However,  the state of Israel at the time of the book of judges, which immediately precedes the book of Ruth, was one of utter despair and political upheaval.

The book of Ruth is about new beginnings. Despite Ruth and Naomi’s ethnic differences between Gentile and Jew, the stark evidence of God’s love and hand is tenderly visible. The heart of God for reconciliation between Jew and Gentile is highly apparent.

The study starts with the backdrop of famine, emphasizing the lack and emptiness present in Ruth, recently widowed and Naomi’s lives.

Ruth chose to have the courage to move into an unfamiliar land and allowed courage to be the gateway for new beginnings for her and Naomi.#thewayhome #tessaafshar #newbeginnings Click To Tweet

Ruth’s decision to operate out of hope and love demonstrates the power of personal choice. Her loving actions bring the same blessing of a new beginning to Naomi, her mother-in-law, and to Boaz, whom she marries after moving to Jerusalem with Naomi.

Tragedy does not exempt us from making responsible decisions. And decisions can lead to a glorious destiny orchestrated by divine love if we like Ruth, place our trust in God's hands. Click To Tweet

In the words of Tessa, “It is possible to persevere even when pain robs us of breath.”

God meets us where we are, in our lack, in our loneliness and wrestling emotions.

God led Ruth to the exact spot where she would meet Boaz, whose name means “pillar of strength.”

Just as God offers Ruth a new beginning, He provides the same for us each day with fresh choices; choices that have the potential to lead us into the divine destiny uniquely designed for us.

There is extraordinary potential in the ordinary moments of life woven together by a loving God.

The boldness of Ruth, coupled with the loving nature of Boaz, result in a grace-filled covenant.

Tessa Afshar's new study skillfully reflects how shame is turned into grace and invites you to experience this grace by creating a new beginning in your life today. Click To Tweet

My favorite part of this study, as with all of Tessa’s writing, is the depth of her historical research.  There is so much wisdom to glean from putting the familiar Bible stories in their historical context, which is something that enriches all her texts.

I encourage you also to purchase the video series along with the study as I found them indispensable as I navigate and continue to study this inspiring study.

May you have your threshing floor today and find abundance where they has been lack in your life by following the Father’s voice into your land of new beginnings.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the way home bible study as a member of the launch team per Moody publishers. I did not receive any compensation for my review.


I can’t breathe-A tribute to George Floyd

Breathe easy.

As I drove through a small town in Texas, I couldn’t help but notice the words on my left-hand side glancing back at me, inviting me to breathe freely in this quaint town.

Breathe easy.

The irony behind these words stood out strongly.

This week, the words flooding the news outlets and the most common social media hashtag has been, “I can’t breathe.”

  As George Floyd pleaded for his god-given life, his pleas fell on deaf ears of his murderer until hatred ultimately extinguished the flame of George’s life. #justiceforgeorgefloyd Click To Tweet

Turning away our faces from the divisive hatred still prevalent in hearts today, words of unity can only go far to bandage the pain of any forms of supremacy and racial division, which still forms the foundation of the not so “united” states.

If love is the way to tear away the veils of hatred than George Floyd’s murder this past week by a Caucasian cop in Minnesota may have torn the veil of complacency covering the eyes of the American public of the darkness that still prevails over this land.

As voices scream for the injustice that has sent shock waves through the Christian community, the topic of racial intolerance has surfaced once again.

Will the passionate pleas turn into conviction for the lack of love in our hearts or will these words remain as a forgotten hastag to be replaced by a new one next week?

As Christians should mourn the loss an innocent man, let us remember to pray fervently for George’s grieving family. George leaves behind a legacy of hard work, kindness and a respected community leader.

As America wrestles with sleeping giants of racial and political divides among a global pandemic, the state of Minnesota grieves the loss of George Floyd’s life amidst the havoc of a city in ruins post rioting.

Broken hearts lay amidst the ruins of broken dreams of many as the riots have trampled upon the hard work of innocent bystanders. For revenge is a fire that doesn’t burn just one individual, it consumes and spreads to others quickly destroying all in its ravaging path.

What can you do to break down the walls of division in your community? What can you do to become more aware of other cultures and close the racial gap? Are you willing to examine any stereotypes you may need to release?

After all, Jesus calls his children to be peacemakers. The only way to weaken hatred is to strengthen love. #georgefloyd Click To Tweet

George Floyd died from suffocation because, in the end, hatred is suffocating. Love, on the other hand, gives breathing room and breath births life.

Perhaps, if we allow the wells of our hearts to deepen in love, our love will become strong enough to shatter strongholds such as hate that still pervade humanity today.

Love is the only force that can withstand the divisive voices knocking at our doors daily.

To donate to George Floyd’s GoFundMe:


Stones of remembrance

Stones adorn the nook and crannies of this world, adding diversity to the existing beauty of flora and fauna.

If you take a walk or hike, you will see stones adorning the rugged worn-out paths aching to be seen and held. All too often, they are overlooked by passersby.

So often, familiarity can lead to a lack of appreciation for what is right in front of our eyes.

Some stones, such as gemstones sparkle and glisten with glorious reflections and are often highly valued for their exquisiteness.

Other stones look plain and may be useful for landscaping buildings and homes. Even these are visually appealing when used strategically in patterns.

Sometimes, stones such as those worn on rings or collected while on vacation hold sentimental value.

Regardless of the outward appearance of stones, plain, smooth, jagged, or full of brilliant luster, each one carries intrinsic value as God’s creation.

The year 2020 began like every year, promise ringing far and wide. There was no indication of the messy prolonged middle to come.

The Israelites also faced a prolonged plot twist in their story, remaining lost in the wilderness forty years longer than anticipated. With no GPS to guide them, their hope was obedience and the past reliance on God’s faithfulness in bringing deliverance.

In the book of Joshua, the Israelites placed “stones of remembrance” alongside the Jordan River. These stones were to serve as glaring reminders of God’s providential nature. Click To Tweet

You may not have natural stones emerge from this time in quarantine, but you may have many testimonies and encounters with God that will remain your stones of remembrance.

What areas in your life have you found God to be faithful during this pandemic? 

Perhaps, you have had strangers become friends or rekindled empty relationships. Maybe, loved ones have showered you with lighthearted banter to lift your spirits.

May you not only have these stones engraved on your heart but document them as well to serve as a living legacy of the assured confidence in the goodness of the Father. #stonesofremembrance Click To Tweet

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.- (Psalm 27:13, 14)


Don’t over think it by Anne Bogel

Anne Bogel presents a compilation of strategies to equip readers who struggle with overthinking.

Overthinking has implications for productivity, mental health, and relationships. This book provides concrete steps towards freedom from cycles of overthinking to the joy that comes from making simpler decisions.

If you struggle with perfectionism, decision fatigue, or information overload than this book will challenge you to develop new thinking patterns in these areas. #dontoverthinkit  #annebogel . Click To Tweet

This book will spur you towards personal growth and help you harness the gift of making decisions from a posture of peace.

Fear is not the channel that helps build healthy choices; peace and love are the healthy avenues needed to make impactful decisions yielding lasting change.

In a simple conversational style, Anne narrates examples from her own life and provides practical implications that have the power to transform your life.  Pick up a copy of this book today to infuse your life with subtle prompts to steer you forward into progress in your projects.

With wisdom to make simpler decisions, there lies newfound freedom on the other side. . Click To Tweet

Quarantine Diaries

The world has never seemed as collectively still as it does right now.

The world holds many stories of market crashes, terrorism, and outbreaks. Each period is fashioned with its language, brimming with emotions and human experience.

Sometimes, being still can help one listen more intently.

Information is not the only goal in listening but rather, wisdom.

Stories carry wisdom, wisdom that many others need to flourish, gained from an alternative perspective.

During this global pandemic, the economy has fluctuated with job losses and economic upheavals, changing the landscape for all of  2020  and perhaps forever.

The rubric of our world has changed externally and internally, potentially forever. While many are struggling mentally and emotionally, we all have voices that carry energy.

Your voice can release grace and truth to hungry hearts and empty souls.

Paul, the apostle, was familiar with a voice he heard on the road to Damascus. The voice, accompanied by light, transformed his life forever. Although he had a life-changing experience, he still battled blindness and darkness for three days. -Acts 9:3-9. There are seasons where  darkness can follow illumination but it imperative to remember, the darkness will not last.

There is hope on the other side for brighter reality. One that needs our voice to usher in the brilliance of hope.

We, too, can use our voices to spark an illuminating revelation for others. Click To Tweet

Human connection is oxygen for our souls, yet many of us have fallen prey to overlooking a loved one’s needs or grappling with balancing work-life dynamics.

The longer we live through this period of significant social isolation, the more apparent is the adverse effects of a lack of healthy human connection.

Thankfully, technology can be put to use to keep us connected and emotionally balanced.

  Now is the chance to extend a kind word, call a neighbor, or seek out elderly relatives to lighten a load of loneliness with the power of uplifting words.  #quarantinediaries. Click To Tweet

This is an opportune time to remind people of their inherent value and cultivate the strength of a connection.

These moments and memories will ultimately make up your quarantine diary. It is a piece of your legacy that can potentially impact generations to come.

What do you hope to read when your future self looks back at your quarantine diary in years to come?  


Bread of Angels review

Bread of Angels is an utterly delightful read. Psalm 78 is the foundation of the title and theme of this novel.

“Yet He commanded the skies above and opened the doors of heaven, and He rained down on them manna to eat and gave them the grain of heaven. Man ate of the bread of angels.” -Psalm 78:23-25

This verse highlights how not only humans but Angels as well, require trust in and provision from God.

The premise is that hunger is not satiated by food, but we, like the Angels, need to feed on trusting God for our daily physical provision and spiritual growth. #breadofangels #tessaafshar. Click To Tweet

Bread of Angels is based upon chapter 16 of the book of Acts and chronicles the story of Lydia, the seller of purple cloth. She was the first convert in Europe and a female business owner, a rare combination historically.

The novel brings Lydia to life Lydia giving her quirks and passions become quickly evident through this enchanting tale.

Lydia faces upheaval from her hometown as she faces the pain of betrayal, yet she finds a loyal friend despite the pain. She is left to flee Thyratira with her basic belongings and the arsenal of her Father’s secret dye.  Rebekah, a single Jewess, discovers a place in Lydia’s heart as they connect as kindred companions. Rebekah begins to plant the seeds of faith into Lydia’s cracked soul.

Lydia’s character is endearing and easy to relate to; she experiences a host of emotions as she attempts to navigate unexpected change. The seeds planted by Rebekah began to take root, and Lydia’s growing faith enables her to overcome the challenges that come her way through reliance on Christ.

I had a hard time putting this novel down. I felt like I was apart of the story traveling from Thyatira to the northern city of Phillipi along with Lydia.

Tessa Afshar narrates this tale of biblical fiction with literary prowess weaving Scripture into the vivid imagery of the narrative. #breadofangels #tessaafshar  @Tessaafshar @ShelleySinghAuD. Click To Tweet

I found myself savoring the flavor of her words, inhaling the content of engaging banter colored with well researched biblical gems.

I also truly enjoyed delving into Lydia’s time with Paul. Reading about Paul makes me want to read more about his accounts in the new testament scriptures and glean from the depth of his wisdom.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, I do feel like the ending was slightly abrupt, and I would have liked to hear more about the unexpected budding romance that Lydia found, narrated in greater detail.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“The way of Jesus worked in the opposite direction. It gave without asking for impossible assurances. It gave the way Jesus had, loving to death, knowing he might not be loved back.”

“Dare to try, knowing that you will make mistakes. You will fall short again and again, because there is no effort without error. In the end, you will either know the triumph of high achievement, or if you fail, you will fail while daring greatly.”

“I sometimes fancy that the completed work of the cross casts its shadow on other parts of my life too. Because Christ has finished the most crucial work on earth and in heaven, something of that completion covers all the unfinished parts of my life. What remains undone in me, through me, finds a resting place in Jesus’ finished work.”

As you pick up this novel,  you will find yourself immersed in the daily reality in which the book of Acts took place. You will experience the beauty of an ancient city your senses in an enthralling fictional voyage. I found this novel refreshing, and I think you will, too, by how the power of deep reliance on God can turn even our most deep-rooted fears into victory beyond imagination.

You can learn more about Tessa Afshar’s novels at her website,

If you enjoyed this review, you might enjoy my review of her new novel, Daughter of Rome, here.

To purchase:


Case for grace book review

Case for grace chronicles Lee’s journey of interviewing various individuals to see how grace has impacted their lives. From a homeless orphan to a murderer on death row, these heartwarming stories share a common thread. Lives transformed by the freedom that only grace can usher.

            Lee manages to paint portraits of how grace has transformed lives skillfully. Each story is so diverse, yet grace is an unapologetic celebration of divine acceptance.

God celebrates each of us through adoption as children and also celebrates our revelation of freedom in Christ.

This book is crafted with delightful candor, insight, and is brimming with redemption. It is one of my favorite books by Lee Strobel and one that I genuinely wish I had encountered during the early days of becoming a believer.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

Our understanding of Christianity cannot be better than our grasp of adoption. Of all the gifts of grace, adoption is the highest.” ― J.I. Packer, Knowing God

 All we needed when we first came to Jesus was his grace, and grace is all we need to grow in Christ. Grace liberates us. Our tendency to perform imprisons us. #caseforgrace #leestrobel. Click To Tweet

Genuine grace is the free gift of salvation, and you can’t add a price to something that is already free.

Grace is often received when we give up our efforts of trying to please God and coming to the point of revelation that nothing can add o the finished work of the cross.

Grace is born out of the fullness of His love for us and tangibly woven into our daily lives.

 And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.- John 1:16

This book will awaken you to wonder of mysterious grace, leaving you in awe of the love of God.

To summarize, I love this line penned by Lee, on the relationship of grace and healing.

  Over time, I have found that nothing heals like grace. #caseforgrace #leestrobel. Click To Tweet