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Soundtracks book review

By Jon Acuff

Freedom from overthinking

As a recovering overthinker, I appreciate this new book release by Jon Acuff.

The right tools

He provides practical wisdom, insights and direction of how we can take the negative soundtracks or thought patterns in our minds and replace them with a more positive and uplifting alternative.

He uses the principle of neuroplasticity with creativity and comical antidotes to equip you with the tools needed to redesign your thought process for a new blueprint for your life. This book will help you retrain your brain,… Click To Tweet

Despite being a slightly heavy topic, Jon takes a delightful approach that make any reader feel they can steer their thoughts in a new and healthier direction.

Move from worry to wonder

If you are looking to live a more fulfilling life towards the directions of your dreams and are seeking freedom from the internal rhetoric of fear, this book is for you.

Now available on major book retailers including the audiobook version with Jon’s entertaining tone.

Book review

Prey Tell

New book release by Tiffany Bluhm and early review

A historical overview

This book is a fresh look of compelling truths that shake you out of complacency about the role and position of women in systems including in the church today.

The role of women and challenges faced today

This book provides timely truths that will help dismantle unhealthy gender imbalances that have been present for decades. It is full of real world examples of many women who were silenced while male abusers were not held… Click To Tweet

The injustice of those silenced

In a time where many Christian male leaders have abused power without accountability rather than keep women safe, this book will provoke you to remember the truth of the gospel is to empower women and give back a voice to those wrongly silenced.

This book will provide you with practical steps for how to release women out of their silence into the realms of empowerment, and ultimately, freedom. #preytell @tiffanybluhm @ShelleySinghAuD #newbookrelease. Click To Tweet

PreyTell can be ordered at all major retailers including amazon here

Tiffany Bluhm is an author and speaker. This is her third book and she can be found online on instagram at :TiffanyBluhm and twitter @TiffanyBluhm

Book review

Living Unbroken: Reclaiming Your life and Your Heart After Divorce by Tracie Miles -Book review by Shelley Singh

I had the pleasure and privilege of serving on this launch team. I received an early copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

This book is the gem I needed years ago when I walked through the valley of sorrow that accompanies a divorce. The warmth of Tracie’s words emanates from each page with a gentle strength that will journey with you until the last page.

As Tracie offers wisdom, it is evident that she has personally navigated with purpose and pain the cycles and patterns which surface from the trauma of a significant loss. #livingunbroken #newbookrelease #bookreview @traciewmiles… Click To Tweet

Many people who struggle through a divorce do not have the support system as they try to navigate the confusion and emotional upheaval that a loss brings along with the practical implications for dealing with a new life transition.

This impactful resource will offer timeless wisdom and equip you with relatable strategies to reclaim your life.

As Tracie describes the stages of grief, she offers hope and reassurance that acceptance of the loss will be found through the recovery of self and identity.

Her words are based on sound biblical truth that God is the source of our true identity, a truth essential for the soul’s healing after a loss on the road to wholeness.

Her tender rebukes will awaken you to new possibilities as you wrestle with your own personal journey.

Tracie’s words will peel off the layers of shame, fears, and negative thoughts that accompany the devastating loss inherent in divorce.

God is your biggest supporter of starting anew. Tracie Mile's new book, Living Unbroken, is a refreshing read with timeless wisdom for anyone who wants a fresh start after the painful loss of a divorce. #newbookrelease… Click To Tweet

Tracie’s voice is a gentle but clear reminder that the sacred process of surrender sets us up to receive the comfort God has to offer us.

He desires our freedom to pursue a new life armed with hope and courage.

This book will leave you with a sense of empowerment to take the next few steps towards a brighter, full life.

Tracie’s new book can be purchased at all major book retailers such as Proverbs 31, barnes and nobles and amazon here

Book review

The power of writing it down book review by Ally Fallon

The power of writing it down: A simple habit to unlock your brain and reimagine your life book by Ally Fallon

This inspiring book delves into how the power of words can change our stories' narrative to usher healing by utilizing the power of perspective. #thepowerofwritingitdown @allisonfallon @ShelleySinghAuD #bookreview Click To Tweet

The premise of the book is writing can be instrumental in helping process pieces of your life as you navigate the journey to wholeness.

Personal takeaways

This book spoke to me personally on many levels. Ally covers the neuroscience of rewiring the brain and the potential to change our thought process. This book is a stark reminder of the life changing nature that story telling can bring.

The right words will help you see more clearly from new angles. This pursuit of expressive words can allow a healing of the disconnected parts of the fragmented self. Healing of the self can lead to healing of other areas of life.

The power of writing as Ally insinuates lies wherein the transformative nature of self-discovery and the potential to influence others.

Ally writes with a tender flair, weaving in comical and vulnerable tones as she learns to share how words and writing have helped her soul make space for grace. Click To Tweet

I recommend this book for all ages since I feel that expression is pertinent for self growth and this book is one that will remain in my personal arsenal to remind myself of the facets of gifts that writing brings.

A few of my favorite quotes include:

“Your influence can be wide or deep.”

“The only way we will ever have a shot at speaking to other people is if we start by speaking to ourselves.”

“The writing practice will grow your heart.”

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of the launch team and am pleased to say it is one of my favorite books on writing because Ally’s words were deeply challenging.

The power of writing it down: how a simple writing practice can be ordered through major book retailers. Ally fallon is an author, speaker and teacher. She can be found where you can learn about writing prompts, her books and courses to help you in your writing journey.