Fluid love

As I closely observed my colors of paint on my art canvas, I began to notice the resistance in the movement of the textures.

As I tried a few techniques to no avail, I began to feel despondent in my ability to create. The process did not start seamlessly; it was rather cumbersome, messy, and disappointing. As I exhaled, I released the need to create perfection.

Faith can quench fears, and as I relished a tide of faith, I began to cross a threshold of my self-perceived limits. I embraced the confidence to proceed, and as I yielded to the process, patience and the wonder began to enchant… Click To Tweet The process is not always desirable, to say the least, yet therein lies the ability to find the sacred in the silence and grace laced in wonder. Click To Tweet

As my eyes opened to the nuances of the tedious process, I began to behold a new view. This longer path requires one to press in can lead to a cascade of fluidity, breaking all confinements allowing creativity to burst forth.

Entirely independent colors began to flow in oneness to create a visual symphony of divine grace before my very eyes.

In this journey, where doubts may collide with the whispers of promise, let your tender surrender allow fluid love to paint the canvas of your life with a new beginning. Click To Tweet

When grace is laced in the process, only fluid love remains.

By Shelley Singh

Writing words as i navigate grace filled living.

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