Enigma of grace

I heard a voice beckon me to explore the enigma of grace. In a world where bigger is better, standing alone isn’t the norm. Yet, where there is solitude, there is space to inhale grace and let its intimate aroma infuse your soul. Click To Tweet

Valiantly taking your stance is courageous, for creating a legacy takes sacrifice and substance. Through grace, the rugged terrain of my heart has become adorned with the wildflowers of surrender and miraculous manifestation.

Hope watered the barren places, creating an apothecary of healing waters. In the winding roads of my heart, the allure of a mysterious victory exists where tragedy becomes a triumph. For amidst the struggle, a curious abundance remains.

Grace isn’t a mirage but as near as my next breath, declaring its reassuring presence with the rise and fall of my chest. Even in the valley of trouble, a door can open where hope is the key to the enigma of grace. Click To Tweet

Copyright © 2020 Shelley Singh

By Shelley Singh

Writing words as i navigate grace filled living.

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