The Way Home by Tessa Afshar

The Way Home Bible study: God’s invitation to New Beginnings by Tessa Afshar

Tessa Afshar’s new study, The Way Home is based on the book of Ruth. This six week study brings the book to life in a revelatory way, weaving the cultural backdrop and highlighting the spiritual progress of each character. You will come to adore and understand the familiar actors as you navigate their struggles and victories.

Naomi and Ruth experience a profound sense of hopelessness that comes from deep loss. However,  the state of Israel at the time of the book of judges, which immediately precedes the book of Ruth, was one of utter despair and political upheaval.

The book of Ruth is about new beginnings. Despite Ruth and Naomi’s ethnic differences between Gentile and Jew, the stark evidence of God’s love and hand is tenderly visible. The heart of God for reconciliation between Jew and Gentile is highly apparent.

The study starts with the backdrop of famine, emphasizing the lack and emptiness present in Ruth, recently widowed and Naomi’s lives.

Ruth chose to have the courage to move into an unfamiliar land and allowed courage to be the gateway for new beginnings for her and Naomi.#thewayhome #tessaafshar #newbeginnings Click To Tweet

Ruth’s decision to operate out of hope and love demonstrates the power of personal choice. Her loving actions bring the same blessing of a new beginning to Naomi, her mother-in-law, and to Boaz, whom she marries after moving to Jerusalem with Naomi.

Tragedy does not exempt us from making responsible decisions. And decisions can lead to a glorious destiny orchestrated by divine love if we like Ruth, place our trust in God's hands. Click To Tweet

In the words of Tessa, “It is possible to persevere even when pain robs us of breath.”

God meets us where we are, in our lack, in our loneliness and wrestling emotions.

God led Ruth to the exact spot where she would meet Boaz, whose name means “pillar of strength.”

Just as God offers Ruth a new beginning, He provides the same for us each day with fresh choices; choices that have the potential to lead us into the divine destiny uniquely designed for us.

There is extraordinary potential in the ordinary moments of life woven together by a loving God.

The boldness of Ruth, coupled with the loving nature of Boaz, result in a grace-filled covenant.

Tessa Afshar's new study skillfully reflects how shame is turned into grace and invites you to experience this grace by creating a new beginning in your life today. Click To Tweet

My favorite part of this study, as with all of Tessa’s writing, is the depth of her historical research.  There is so much wisdom to glean from putting the familiar Bible stories in their historical context, which is something that enriches all her texts.

I encourage you also to purchase the video series along with the study as I found them indispensable as I navigate and continue to study this inspiring study.

May you have your threshing floor today and find abundance where they has been lack in your life by following the Father’s voice into your land of new beginnings.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the way home bible study as a member of the launch team per Moody publishers. I did not receive any compensation for my review.

By Shelley Singh

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