Don’t over think it by Anne Bogel

Don’t overthink it is a practical book that will equip you to make subtle changes in your daily life towards progress of your goals. This book will help you make decision making less dauting.

Anne Bogel presents a compilation of strategies to equip readers who struggle with overthinking.

Overthinking has implications for productivity, mental health, and relationships. This book provides concrete steps towards freedom from cycles of overthinking to the joy that comes from making simpler decisions.

If you struggle with perfectionism, decision fatigue, or information overload than this book will challenge you to develop new thinking patterns in these areas. #dontoverthinkit  #annebogel . Click To Tweet

This book will spur you towards personal growth and help you harness the gift of making decisions from a posture of peace.

Fear is not the channel that helps build healthy choices; peace and love are the healthy avenues needed to make impactful decisions yielding lasting change.

In a simple conversational style, Anne narrates examples from her own life and provides practical implications that have the power to transform your life.  Pick up a copy of this book today to infuse your life with subtle prompts to steer you forward into progress in your projects.

With wisdom to make simpler decisions, there lies newfound freedom on the other side. . Click To Tweet

By Shelley Singh

Writing words as i navigate grace filled living.

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I would love to read this. I used to struggle with trying to be perfect and over thinking things… It slowed me down.. Until I understood what real freedom in Christ meant…. So I trust this good will be a good read for me… More grace ma’am.😊. Please how do I access it?

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