Case for grace book review

Case for grace chronicles Lee’s journey of interviewing various individuals to see how grace has impacted their lives. From a homeless orphan to a murderer on death row, these heartwarming stories share a common thread. Lives transformed by the freedom that only grace can usher.

            Lee manages to paint portraits of how grace has transformed lives skillfully. Each story is so diverse, yet grace is an unapologetic celebration of divine acceptance.

God celebrates each of us through adoption as children and also celebrates our revelation of freedom in Christ.

This book is crafted with delightful candor, insight, and is brimming with redemption. It is one of my favorite books by Lee Strobel and one that I genuinely wish I had encountered during the early days of becoming a believer.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

Our understanding of Christianity cannot be better than our grasp of adoption. Of all the gifts of grace, adoption is the highest.” ― J.I. Packer, Knowing God

 All we needed when we first came to Jesus was his grace, and grace is all we need to grow in Christ. Grace liberates us. Our tendency to perform imprisons us. #caseforgrace #leestrobel. Click To Tweet

Genuine grace is the free gift of salvation, and you can’t add a price to something that is already free.

Grace is often received when we give up our efforts of trying to please God and coming to the point of revelation that nothing can add o the finished work of the cross.

Grace is born out of the fullness of His love for us and tangibly woven into our daily lives.

 And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.- John 1:16

This book will awaken you to wonder of mysterious grace, leaving you in awe of the love of God.

To summarize, I love this line penned by Lee, on the relationship of grace and healing.

  Over time, I have found that nothing heals like grace. #caseforgrace #leestrobel. Click To Tweet

By Shelley Singh

Writing words as i navigate grace filled living.

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