Spiritual blindness

~Spiritual blindness~ #John9#clarity #beauty

Spiritual blindness

It was an unusually foggy morning.

As my eyes tried to adjust to the stubborn haze, I realized this journey felt familiar.

Years ago, as a new believer in Christ, my spiritual vision was dim.  As I made attempts to make sense of Christianity and aspects of the gospel, I often had the sense of stumbling my way forward without clarity.

This new world seemed to hold promise although I didn’t understand how to tap into the promises of God or how to process what my senses were awakening to.

My faith muscles were about to be stretched. Abraham knew what it felt like to follow God into unknown territories leaving behind a world of comfort and familiarity. My journey began to take on a similar route.

As I felt the fog began to lift, I felt more relaxed and it became easier to navigate my trip.

Spiritual vision becomes acute with intentionality and depth in the context of relationships.

As Job states, “ I had heard of you only by the hearing of the ear, but now my spiritual eye sees You.” -Job 42:5

Similarly, as I began to grow in my faith walk, details became magnified as I noticed budding beauty all around me with a fresh perspective.

Jesus engages the senses to make each moment resplendently glorious resurrecting the wonder in each of us again.

John 9 tells the parable of a blind man and his encounter with Jesus.

Jesus creatively used spit to bring vision, turning the mundane into the miraculous. 

It is interesting to note, that Jesus restored sight to a man who had never seen.

Apart from grace, we are left in a blind stupor.

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