A redesigned life book review

The author Tracy Steel, invites the reader into a world where there is space to reevaluate brokenness with tender candor, the words carry warmth and depth yet you will leave feeling inextricably light. It is a delightful reminder of how interwoven the divine purpose of God is with our journeys which include breathing spaces full of wonder and awe.

This book is full of practical wisdom, is presented with authenticity and served with gracious sides of comfort. I really enjoyed how the author used her personal experience as an interior designer to weave elements of movement, emphasis, pattern, contrast, balance and finally, space with the corresponding spiritual elements in our walk with the Lord.

When we allow God to redesign our hearts and home, balance will shape our lives to a point where we can steward the blessings with fulfillment.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation from the author for this review.

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