Words that wound

Today I faced an incident that I never faced before-I got stung by a bee. As trivial it that may sound, the sting was first felt in my shoulder and quickly in my left index finger. The sharp pain seemed to travelled at lightening speeds throughout my left hand. Although I always made attempts to stay away from bees my whole life, today was a day I did not manage an escape. The physical pain began to die down into a low dull throb localizing to the immediate perimeter of the site of attack. Albeit, physical pain is no delight. However, verbal stings can be just as dreadful if not more. As I navigated my day, I noticed a friend had been particularly triggered by his mental illness and although there was so sign actual conflict between us, he began to send messages that were harsh, attempting to target my little window of escaping solace. As I reflected, I slowly granted myself permission space for grace on a day that was suppose to be dedicated to rest and renewal.

We may face a life full of various stings, yet one truth remains.

You can still sing the song of life over yourself whatever life throws your way. While stings may fade and wounds may form, singing the song of life will usher delight to wash away the pain.

Grace acknowledges and washes away pain even when visible scars scream of an alternate reality.

Despite the stings,

you can



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By Shelley Singh

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