My mother’s conversion-Part I

              My mother was the first one to become a believer in our home. My mother was brought up in a wealthy and well-known family in the state of Punjab in India. Her father believed in raising strong girls and so, did what he could in his power to outwardly apply his progressive mentality of parenting to the reality of his family. Despite his willingness to think outside the misogynist milieu at that time, he abrupted arranged a marriage for my mother at the tender age of 18. My parents experienced a rocky marriage from the start with varying expectations of marriage life and unfortunately, my father did not espouse the same outlook of valuing my mother as did my grandfather. My father quickly brought my mother to Canada during the 70s, a time where being a turbaned Sikh was highly visible. My father was an engineer by profession, and he had to face much resistance to get settled into his profession being a visible minority in Canada. Due to this, he had to take much difficult jobs in undesirable cities that forced him to face the wrath of frigid cold Canadian weather. Eventually, my father decided to embark on his journey to self- employment and became a real estate broker. He began to climb the ladder to success; at one point reaching a pinnacle of being amongst the top three agents in the entire country. After years of success, my parents lost most of their wealth in a real estate market crash in the late 90s. As a result, my mother was well acquainted with instability in more ways than one. My mother prayed a lot and encouraged us to pray daily; evening times were reserved for time to pray out of our prayer books together. My mother struggled with depression on and off and at times, she would let us eat our dinner alone as she sought God in her solitude fervently pleading for answers yet to no avail. Eventually, my mother met a Sikh woman who was a believer in Toronto, and she invited her over for a prayer meeting. My mother went and became baptized with the holy spirit very quickly; her conversion was quick and seamless. She felt the love of God holding her through tumultuous times which helped sustain her faith for the troubling times ahead. She felt full of ecstasy and newfound joy as she began to have new revelations.

I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who call you by your name. -Isaiah 45:3 (ESV)

This conversion of an outspoken woman bold for her newfound faith created much protest from both sides of our families. Despite the increasing friction, my mother’s confession for her faith became louder with time. Although this conversion seemed to add fuel to the fire of existing familial conflict, my mother was not frayed. She became more steadfast, jovial and even appeared nonchalant at the daggers of words carrying condemnation hurled from every direction. Her demure nature coupled with her quest for truth managed to keep her safe in many situations. Her beauty has always been evident on the outside and as her faith grew; her soul seemed to spark to life in unexpected ways. I began to see changes in her I had not seen in a long time. Previous to her conversion, she had suffered years of verbal, emotional, psychological attacks which caused her to lose the sparkle of her personality. After her conversion, the fullness of the love of God began to fill in the empty, broken and abandoned places.

But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ-Eph 2:4-5a

Hope began to reside inside of her which made her blossom slowly into a radiant woman exuding a newfound beauty. Her transformation and understanding of authority in Christ led her to pray and intercede for many people she met along the way; she saw instant miracles and healings and salvations as well. She has grown in her faith and continues to grow in the mystery of boundless and limitless grace, each day and moment by moment.

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By Shelley Singh

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