Grace is greater: A book review

Grace is a glorious mystery interwoven in the intricate details of our lives. Kyle idleman takes the reader on a delightfully inspiring journey of growing in grace in a thought provoking manner. Using parables and real life examples, the reader will be rejuvernated by the words infused by grace so much so that grace seeps from the very seams of this book. Each word is crafted to engage the reader and challenge the reader to allow grace to chisels off our personal hardness as the truth of grace washes the dust of life off.

My personal favorite aspect of this book is how the beauty of reconciliation is woven in to reveal that truly redemptive facet of grace has the last say if grace is received with the posture of an open heart.

“Grace is only grace if goes both ways. Receiving it from God but refusing to give it to others isn’t an option.

“When forgiveness results in reconciliation, it most accurately reflects God’s grace and forgiveness toward us.” This book addresses pertinent topics that grace can readily heal such as shame, guilt, regret and the emptiness of the human condition. In the authors words, “God’s grace can redeem anything.”

sI highly recommend this book as I feel it will challenge you to redesign your life with a fresh invitation to experience grace in practical ways. Grace will surprise you as you allow grace to affirm, strength and fill the empty spaces of weakness in your life. You will enjoy Kyle’s transparent approach that is easy to relate to during this narrative of living in freedom that is only possible with the gift of grace. May this book give you a new grace lens as you view your world from a perspective of wholeness that the Father desires for each one of ua His cherished children.

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