The light of eternity

In the light of eternity

The light of eternity falls upon my dusty soul

As my eyes awaken to the beauty of luminosity I struggle to adjust to a newfound reality

The ethereal glow warms my cold heart

The beams of love penetrate my being

I transcend above the residual films of the past;

To enter in the narrow space of grace

In the light of eternity, my soul basks in the radiance that morphs my

simplicity into a numinous transformation.

This stillness allows me to breathe deeply

exhaling the dross of days past

For in the light of eternity

Time is held in your hand

When the distance created angst,

Your proximity entered my empty space

Until all space is filled with grace

I am held enamored in our intimate embrace.

Copyright © 2019 Shelley Singh

By Shelley Singh

Writing words as i navigate grace filled living.

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