The blessings of betrayal

The blessings of betrayal

Psalm 71:19-21 New Living Translation (NLT)

Your righteousness, O God, reaches to the highest heavens. You have done such wonderful things. Who can compare with you, O God? 20 You have allowed me to suffer much hardship, but you will restore me to life again and lift me up from the depths of the earth. 21 You will restore me to even greater honor and comfort me once again.

Betrayal is an inevitable reality that strikes each one of us. A reality that no one particularly desires yet we all have succumbed to the wounds left by someone we loved dearly who betrayed our delicate hearts. Perhaps, you have faced a betrayal by a close friend or co-worker unexpectedly leaving you baffled battling the temptation to build high walls around your heart to keep out further pain. So than, being a reality that is so pervasive and unavoidable how do we process betrayal?

Jesus was highly acquainted with betrayal.  When faced with the hard pressed reality of loyalty, Judas and Peter both betrayed and denied him in a flash of an instant without hesitation. These imprints of betrayal must have pierced the tender heart of the Lord, helping him fully feel the wounds that many of his children had yet to face in the generations to come. In these two cases, the outcomes for these individuals were very different. Peter repented with godly sorrow at his lack of loyalty decreeing his weakness was a need for grace whereas Judas internalized his wounds to the point he was devastated beyond hope. For Judas, his hopelessness turned into powerlessness because he more fixated on his lack rather than the tenderness of Jesus. Judas was a clear example of  wordly sorry and scripture states that wordly sorrow leads to death. In his case, it was a literal death. For others, this death can be a death of dreams, hopes, relationships and complacency to a living a mediocre life. When we choose wisely to cry out to the Lord and bring our brokenness before Him, He can transform the grief of our bitterness into healed souls that emanate power and strength. Such transformation is only possible when we allow our hearts to be yielded to the holy spirit, resulting in the newness of life.

Betrayal brings to light an unseen reality that is not particularly pleasant yet all is not lost. There is hope in the suffering that comes when our hearts bleed from our encountering betrayal. Jesus faced betrayal and allowed the fullness of grace to be the healer of hearts allowing reconciliation between Him and Peter. Grace was so powerful that Peter went on to have a mighty ministry and spread the message of the love of the Father fearlessly. Love is greater than betrayal and although we may face relationships that may never seem the sparkle of divine reconciliation, our hearts can be fully whole. Wholeness will enrich our relationships allowing us to thrive with faith, hope and love for all of our days. So perhaps, betrayal is a blessing if it shows us the nature of our hearts and it is an impetus to receive and carry grace so when others threaten our fragile hearts, grace spills out to water a thirsty dry world.

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I like this, “Love is greater than betrayal and although we may face relationships that may never seem the sparkle of divine reconciliation, our hearts can be fully whole.” It’s thought provoking, and eludes that fulfillment in life is not about worldly achievement (in how people feel about you, or make you feel), but something deeper we can sometimes overlook.

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