Dedicated to silent ones whose voices have been stifled by the shame and honor cultures

Those who cannot speak will sing for joy~Isaiah 35:6

I felt the words begin to form in my heart and mind never to be released into an unforgiving world

There was no one to hear my unformed words, words didn’t fall and the stories remained untold

There was no hand that reached out to comfort my unspoken pain; burdens weighing heavily from verbal suffocation

A world where truth was not welcome and fractured hearts remained shut by jagged opinions like sealed vaults

Except it was not grace that held these hearts; rather hearts seemed to beat with a cold dullness from shame

Years of silence and guilt shut the doors to hearts that once held dreams; dreams that yearned to come to life

Silent voices speak yet are never heard, who can hear them except for the One who created them?

Who can comfort except the One who offers the embrace of grace?

Who can bring dull hearts back to life to beat again with vitality except for the One who crafter of hearts?

Silent voices are not the absent of sounds and strings of words but the tangled voices of the innocents crying out for a life where freedom is the song that is sung for all to hear.

For only the key of grace can unlock chained hearts to unleash the freedom song that all the silent voices yearn to sing to join in the symphony of the Beloved. Click To Tweet

Copyright © 2019 Shelley Singh

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