struggle is real bible study

During a time I felt the tumultuous waves of doubt crashing against my faith, I came across and had the opportunity to be involved in the book launch of this beloved bible study.

The Word of God will transform us if we know how to rightly divide the Word and apply heavenly wisdom to our daily lives. The interactive bible study will help you engage with the Word in a fresh way giving you new revelations as we you delve into the Word, receive truths in a practical way. I feel like the format of this study is so unique. It reflects the heart of the God since God wants to engage us in a dialogue as we grow in communion with Him.

 This study helped me read the Word more and receive revelatory pieces of wisdom that have equipped me to walk in the fullness of freedom that Christ has for me . Click To Tweet

Each daily study includes prayer, declarations and reflections that will help you grow into a more restful version of yourself. This study helped me to reflect deeper on God’s truth and the reality of His promises to my life.

We all do have daily struggles as implied so succinctly by the title yet God is real. We do have to invite Him, so we can see and process the struggles from a different perspective. One that allows for transformation through faith, hope and love.

I highly recommend this study as a gift for yourself and for small groups as well as for anyone who needs to bolster their faith in a fresh way.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this title from its publisher in exchange for my review. I did not receive any compensation from the author.

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