The Tenderness of Jesus

Some months ago, I was sitting in my office and I heard an audible word from the Lord. At first, I felt as if I must be mistaken. It was a peaceful word but one that I felt I already possessed in my arsenal of traits. Tenderness. A calm word with quiet confidence that didn’t need any form of validation. My brow wrinkled in slight confusion. Surely, the Lord could not be drawing me into being more tender? I sighed. Was it not my tender side that caused me to love vulnerably and hurt deeply until I was left with residual aches and unanswered ruminations? And then the word, came again.
“Tenderness, child”.
Firmly yet fully loving encompassing a deeper sense of purpose and a call to stretch my heart once again. I sighed again and began a slow surrender to a place of silent acceptance. Perhaps, I could use a little bit more of tenderness. I mean, couldn’t everyone? We don’t exactly live in a soft world, I managed to muster to myself. Nonetheless, my heart began to soften beneath the gentle beckon to a deeper love. The mystery and the thirst for more was a process I was willing to slowly process.
Tenderness is a language that provokes a person to allow their soul to be nurtured to life. Tenderness allows the safe space for dialogue yet movement simultaneously. Tenderness removes the erected

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walls and self-protective boundaries that arose from the unfinished love stories and unrequited love. Ultimately, tenderness is the currency for the heart to awaken to love.
Deep down in my heart, I knew my heart needed this reminder. This gentle nudge towards greater connection was coaxing my heart to be warm. Tenderness is the song that will make the eyes dance again with wonder and awaken to awe.

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So, the next time someone says, love me tender, respond in the affirmative with the intention of fully doing so.

By Shelley Singh

Writing words as i navigate grace filled living.

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