~Spiritual dissonance~

              Do you ever feel conflicted and caught between the physical reality of what you see with what you experience in your Spirit?

Is congruity even possible between the worlds present of words to action?

Or is the distance too far that even the greatest faith cannot jump leaps and bounds to shorten this chasm?

What if those that proclaim grace hurl the sharpest stones?

What hope is there between the ongoing wrestle in the matrix of revelation to consume the influx of information?

Is victory a committed lover or a mere distant promiscuous dance?

What I reflect upon becomes my reality as consumption of time, energy and resources is what ultimately leads to the oneness of the consummation of relationship.

I choose sow grace to cover the cracks of my chasms and become closer to the initiation of intimacy.

Copyright © 2019 Shelley Singh

A melody complete

In your arms

I am undone

Attenuated whispers

Serenity overtakes my being

In your arms

I succumb to peace

Where passion and poetic prowess collide

The tenderness of romance

Held by an unspoken gazes

Where eyes speak

And sighs abound

Words exist among the silent spaces

In your arms

I find my song complete

-Embraced- Post birthday reflections

              Years ago, I spent a few years in California cultivating my new found faith in Christ. Lacking direction and mentorship, I found immersing myself in various forms of Christian media seemed to confirm what I was learning through revelation and scripture as well as hoping to find answers that I longed for. Movies were an occasional medium I used to grasp concepts and provide sustenance to my spiritual growth.

              One movie that resonated with me on many levels was the movie, October baby. The movie is based upon a young woman named Hannah who frequently deals with panic attacks and seizures. She feels a void in her life yet can’t fully comprehend the lack of memories and answers from the disconnected remnants of her past.

Long story short, she questions the meaning of her life and despite her young age, the existential crisis seems to take over her every waking moment resulting in havoc in her relationships and her health. She sets on a path to figure out why this disconnect exists and ultimately, finds freedom along the journey.

This movie resonated with me on many levels. For one, I struggled with my purpose from an early age when most children are lost in the wonder of childhood, questions of the purpose of my life would often plague me.

Birthdays are like other milestones; there is a bittersweet celebration that brings to surface memories, dreams, hopes and various reminders.  

As I wrestled with God about my birthday and raised up my doubts and questions, I laid out my feelings like a bare rug. And as I pondered over whether I was truly displaced, I heard another word interrupt my thoughts. “Embraced.”

Embraced, not displaced.

Perfectly ordered steps amidst the fragmented chaos. My Father in heaven celebrates my idiosyncrasies that may frustrate me or others. In the spaces of my open heart, I remember that fullness of life fills in the gaps that questions attempt to occupy.

What I sow, will grow.

When I choose to receive grace, the fullness of life will grow.

Fullness. My birthday is on the 7th of October and 7 signifies fullness. There is much celebration to be found in the gift of fullness. One gift I have been given as you have is the chance to discover and re-discover the joy in fullness.

In Your presence, there is fullness of Joy-Psalm 16:11.

Celebration is learning that there is so much life to be lived in each moment.  

Moments were never meant to be distant ethereal entities off in the future; moments are meant to capture wonder in the here in the present and in the next pair of eyes I will gaze into.  

Now, the gifts that color my soul to newness are usually not physical but ones that magnify the beauty of relational connection.

Copyright © 2019 Shelley Singh

Transforming your thought life book review

Transforming Your Thought Life: Christian Meditation in Focus

Transforming Your Thought Life: Christian Meditation in Focus by Sarah Geringer

This book is such a foundational resource I recommend for all believers. Thoughts, actions and mediation are concepts that are the basic bricks of the Christian faith. Throughout the spiritual walk, we need to learn how to approach these 3 areas and this book reviews each in practical ways. In our time constrained society, we are constantly bombarded with multitudes of thoughts from every direction. This book divides up the areas of thoughts that each of us struggle with while addressing how to use mediation on scripture to turn our path to the path of healthy thinking. Each chapter includes verses to mediate and stimulate growth to wholeness. If you are looking for a book that is comprehensive yet undaunting, I highly recommend this book to you. It will equip you, guide you and provoke you to include mediation to combat lies to replace with truth and ultimately bring you freedom from old mindsets.

Order your copy today now available on amazon and other major retailers.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation from the author for this review.

Copyright © 2019 Shelley Singh

~Living waters~

Spiritual growth is so similar to wading in water. The serenity that water offers mirrors the peace of embracing the sacred yet there is resistance. Resistance is a reminder that any attempt to submerge the ego will be a forceful wrestle. Jacob wrestled with an angel only to emerge with a new identity. There is purpose in the struggle of the wrestle. Eventually, amidst the water resistance, therein lies the beauty of buoyancy. The tenderness of the Father is formed in us amidst this wrestle, the glorious buoyancy needed to navigate the various daily challenges that cross our paths. Yielding stroke by stroke to a new identity, until we finally learn how to float fully and freely in grace.

Copyright © 2019 Shelley Singh



Today marks the 18th anniversary of the horrific terror attacks on the USA. The twin towers were targeted by planes besieged by terrorists and the pentagon as well on a fateful day in 2001.

Most of us can recall where we were that day and I reflect on my whereabouts each year as well. I stepped out of my statistics class which was held in a brand-new state of the art auditorium on my Canadian university campus only to behold live coverage of the tragedy on televisions outside the auditorium.

The flames, the dark smoke seemed to speak of a very dark reality that I could not comprehend. For a few moments I surmised that this must be some kind of mistake.

As I frantically looked around, the reactions around me told me otherwise.  Some of my classmates were grasping for breath and others wailing; the harsh truth was slowly setting in. I felt dazed and confused; I struggled to process emotions let alone the enormity of grief caused by a major tragedy. I responded like I did with most trauma I felt; defensive numbness.

I had not yet discovered the lens of grace.  I wish I had the comfort of the psalms or gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit that time but I could not perceive God’s presence those days and for years to come.

At that time, I had friends from different religious backgrounds and cultures, and I enjoyed the kaleidoscope of diversity.

However, I did not understand the nuances of religious extremism in other religions.

The only other terror attack I was aware of that involved a plane was the Air India bombing in 1985. This deadly terror attack was carried out by Sikh terrorists and was known as the largest aviation terror attack prior to September 11 killing hundreds of Canadians.

Was this an accident? How could this be happening?

18 years later, my understanding of world events has changed. I do not view events superficially as I once did.

God does not leave us to process our pain alone; He is with us and promises to walk in nearness, cajoling our fragile hearts to reflect a more peaceful reality.

I have a Heavenly Father who comforts me as He does with all his children, releasing glimpses of grace amidst the rubble, debris and broken hearts. I hope you choose to hold your loved ones closer and follow the way of grace, where redemption has the final word.

 “If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate.” -Sandy Dahl, wife of Flight 93 pilot Jason Dahl

The prodigal pendulum

              As I pondered all the ways I disobeyed the Lord, I am reminded of a tender Father in Luke chapter 15 whose arms remain open. My faith feels raw, discordant, jagged. The words that describe me affectionately in this love letter by my Father, I do not recognize. The fight remains to stay and believe; to wrestle with my own powerlessness that eventually yields under the strength of relentless affection.

In Andrew Bauman’s book, stumbling toward wholeness, “Scripture in general and the parable of the prodigal in particular-informs us that all redemptive change begins when we see ourselves accurately through God’s eyes.” 

In Luke chapter 15, both sons need a revelation of grace. The younger son pursued a life of pleasure and wanted to discover who he was in his independence. The younger son needed to know the love of his father brought out his identity and was not a barrier, as loving connections help us find our path to purpose.

The dutiful older son felt resentful towards the younger son who was celebrated despite his defiant wayward choices. The older son needed a revelation he was celebrated and always adored by his Father, yet he did not see it. His identity was defined by his performance rather than a son who received his fathers love despite his father’s daily presence.

Thus, mere proximity does not automatically equate to intimacy.  Grace flows through a posture of an open and receptive heart. The decision to receive love begins by opening the heart to the concept that love does exist.

Both relationships needed revelation of the real intimacy available to them to partake in the grace that was lavished upon them. Perhaps, both sons were prodigals shielding their hearts from affection that could set them free.

If I am honest, then I have to say my life growing up looked like a pendulum between the lives represented by the two sons. If I am honest, I am and have been perfectly prodigal and this, all the reason more, to revel in grace. 

What times in your life have you hid behind wanton pleasure or dutiful performance to find your identity?

I encourage you to come back to the Father’s open arms for you, a warm and tender embrace that will never turn you away, precious prodigal. Come back to the place where true security is not only found but celebrates you every moment.

Luke 15: 20 So he got up and came to his [own] father. But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was moved with pity and tenderness [for him]; and he ran and embraced him and kissed him fervently.